Dumpster Fire

Dumpster Fire

June 26, 2019

Greetings DEADs! The Philly press is saying our football team’s gonna be a dumpster fire. And I really wish I could believe otherwise.

Welcome to the first ever post on DC SOUPLY. As you can no doubt tell from the name of this site, we’re into acronyms. The more ridiculous the better. SOUPLY means Sad, Overpaid, Underperforming, and Probably Lost Yesterday. That seems generally accurate.

As for us, the long-suffering fans of any sort of sport team in the DC area, we need our own appropriate acronym. I’m going with DEAD Inside Fans – Depressed, Exhausted, And Downtrodden. We can shorten that to just the DEADs. And I’m not mocking you – not one tiny bit. I am a lifelong DC area resident, and I want nothing more than for all of our teams to win their respective championships every single year. It’s just that watching them struggle to compete takes it out of me.

Which brings me to my first ever post: Dumpster Fire. Yup, we got called that. By them Iggles fans that are so proud of their ability to spell their team name. Do the Redskins deserve the scorn? Come on, do I have to ask? Has history taught us nothing?

Jimmy Kempski over at Philly Voice gives us “10 reasons the Washington Team Will be a Dumpster Fire This Season.” To be fair, he is roasting each of the four NFC East teams. To be less fair, I strongly suspect he will go easier on his beloved Eagles.