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We’re No. 26! We’re No. 26!

June 27, 2019

What, Redskins bashing two days in a row? Look, I don’t write the news, DEADs, I just comment on it.

Today, Yahoo published their preview of the 2019 Redskins and have our team ranked 26th in the league. That, alone, is not really all that particularly newsworthy. It’s what happens next that will assure SOUPLY of many, many future ‘Skins articles.

I mean, they think the team will win 6 games this season. So what will happen if that comes true? Easy. We’ve all seen this movie before. Sir Danny will fire the coach and then the whole rebuilding bandwagon is back on the road. Snyder has already pulled Gibbs out of retirement, gone with the splashy Ol’ Ball Coach from the college ranks, tried two veteran coaches, and even tried to pluck magic out of an obscure hat (Hip Hip Hooray, if you remember, long-suffering DEADs). So if Snyder sees new QB Dwayne Haskins as the ticket to 10 wins in year one, and Gruden delivers 6, well, we can assume he’s gone. Then who? Yeah, I have no more ideas there either. It isn’t that there are no good coaches, it’s that I have a much harder time thinking of good coaches who will want to coach here.