Oh, you thought 26th was bad?

June 28, 2019

Yesterday, I posted the news that Yahoo ranked the Redskins 26th of the 32-team league. Today, we get to move on to basketball.

Sure, the Wiz made a supposedly blockbuster three-team trade that saw them acquire Mo Wagner, Isaac Bonga, and Jemmario Jones, plus a 2022 second-round pick from the Los Angeles Lakers. Everyone looking at this sees it as a big boost for the Lakers, who now have cap space and a slot for a new free agent. I guess the Wizards are just feeling charitable, letting another team sign a star player. But how come we aren’t talking about the Wizards being the team to sign that star player? Oh, what’s that, you say? You just read an article on USA Today’s FTW blog that ranked the Wizards as the least appealing team in the entire league for free agents to consider? Yeah, that might be the problem.

Remember when some people were rumoring that Kevin Durant would sign with the Wiz because he’s a DC-area-native? That was a riot, wasn’t it? Look, the only way KD is returning to DC is in retirement, and that’s assuming he has any desire to live here. Based on the current DC heat wave, which is supposed to get worse and more humid, I’m not sure anyone sane chooses to live in DC. I was born here, so I blame my parents.