Washington Times


June 29, 2019

Not to be outdone by their other DC sports colleagues, the Nationals have really impressed baseball fans across the country so far this season.

New this year, MLB changed things up for fan voting for the All-Star game. Instead of a single round of voting, we now get two rounds – the Primary comes first, after which the top 3 selections by fans at each position posted for a second round of voting, called the Starters Election.

As bluntly reported by the Washington Times, not a single Nats player was voted into the All-Star game. Well, none even made the first cut, so making the second cut was, technically, impossible. Rendon was supposed to be the team’s best chance, and he didn’t even make it to the Starters Election, so yeah.

Scherzer Black EyeTo be fair, pitchers aren’t included in the fan vote, and clearly the most bad-ass member of the Washington Nationals is Max Scherzer. He pitched a curly-W with 10 Ks looking like this, for Pete’s sake.

When pitchers are announced, that guy better be on the list.

I should also mention that no Phillies made the All-Stars starters list, either. Not even, you know, that guy. Luckily, the Philadelphia sports press is taking it in stride.