John McDonnell/The Washington Post

Sunday Roundup

July 7, 2019

It’s a non-football Sunday, and that means it’s time for the (just invented) DC SOUPLY Sunday Roundup!

This is a day that saw the USWNT beat Netherlands 2-0 for their second straight Women’s World Cup, and for that, I salute them. I may even dye my hair Megan Rapinoe Purple (which I believe is now an official color). And you can bet for sure I will be looking for that sweet Nike CHAMPIONS jersey they sported at the medal ceremony.

Now, back to DC sports. Sorry.

Let’s see… where to begin?

Well, the Wizards keep signing new players, in an apparent attempt to carry over no one from last year, or at least keep the fans thumbing through their programs. The latest is Davis Betans, a 6′ 10″ PF/C from Latvia most known for enlightening fans that Latvia is a country.

Before that, they traded away Dwight Howard for “veteran sharpshooter” C.J. Miles (not sure that’s an actual position).

And before that, they signed Ish Smith and Isaiah Thomas.

Throughout all of that, the most notable thing to me is that Isaiah Thomas is no relation to NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas. (Is it wrong to kinda wish he was?)

What about the Caps? Oh, crap, why did I say that out loud. Now I have to consider a future without Backstrom and Holtby. No. Moving on.

The Nats. Phew. Subject changed. With the Nats, the biggest current news is that neither of their All-Star players (Scherzer and Rendon) are going to the All-Star game. I’m gonna look stupid watching the game with my Scherzer jersey on. So be it.

In soccer, there is ancillary good news, in that Washington Spirit player Rose Lavelle scored a bullet in the WWC final to seal that win. Here’s hoping to see that in a Spirit uni many times.

Finally, the Redskins. Yeah, that was too easy, right? End with the team in the most disarray (which is seriously debatable).

It’s been a strange week for the Redskins, which is to say, it’s been totally normal. RB Adrian Peterson has to pay back $2.4M on a defaulted loan, former SBMVP QB Mark Rypien says he’s innocent to domestic violence (this makes me so sad; Rypien’s run to the championships feels like one of my last fleeting DC sports happy times), and finally, this…

Oh Danny. You always give us something crazy, don’t you?

The Danny assumed money would sway Dale Earnhardt Jr (a huge Skins fan!), away from his own father’s company. And when it didn’t? Well, Snyder offered him hamburgers.

And all of that was completely normal.