TMZ Sports

Stop making sense

July 19, 2019

By now, we’ve all seen Josh Norman jumping over bulls in Pamplona. Thankfully, now that he’s back on US soil he’s had the opportunity to completely and utterly rationalize the action¬†over on TMZ Sports.

He said the locals even gave him the nickname, “El Saltador,” which means “The Jumper.” This, I suspect, is accurate, though I think it’s notable that the nickname does not include any qualifying adjectives, like “The Perfectly Sane Jumper” or “The Impressive Jumper.” It’s just “The Jumper,” so I think we can add whatever adjectives we like, and assume the Spaniards did the same. I’m going with “Lunatic.”

As for why he jumped bulls, Norman said, “would you rather live and die … or would you rather die and never lived?” Man, that is some deep stuff there. Maybe his follow up to being on Dancing with the Stars will just be him sitting in a chair reading poetry. Sort of like his interview on Fox Sports where he lives on the edge and looks danger straight in the eye. And he’s talking about football, not bull horns, here. I doubt there is a more overly dramatic way to describe playing corner. If there is, please send it to @J_No24.

But why even be surprised about Norman’s talk? After all, he’s the guy who said the Skins would have won the Super Bowl if Alex Smith hadn’t suffered a broken leg last season. Alas, I guess we’ll never know…

In other news, I would feel like I’m not doing my job if I didn’t point out this article from SI talking about where each NBA team stands after free agency. So… drumroll… Did SI think the Wiz made big improvements??

Um, nope. They show up in the category “Rebuilding/tanking” with this quote: “Charlotte, Cleveland, and Washington are all going in reverse.”

I’m beginning to wonder if this car even has a forward gear.