Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post

Ted Talk

July 24, 2019

Ted Leonsis had a presser Monday to talk about the management and future of the Gee Wiz, and he stated a few things that all of us have been thinking.

“This community loves basketball, and I’ve let them down… We haven’t won 50 games. We haven’t competed for a championship since we’ve owned the team.”

All true, Ted, but what is this announcement about? Not surprisingly, the sports reporters in town did not immediately gush and lap up the milk of Ted’s kindness. That sounds kinda gross anyway.

Leonsis basically put forth the idea of making the Wizards into a team where a Kawhi Leonard, or a LeBron James, or, heaven forbid, a local guy like KD might actually consider. Barry Svrluga at the Post was skeptical at best. After considering all the words and new titles and, as he put it, the “kumbaya,” Svrluga still came back to “Yeah, but Ted: Does the ball go through the hoop?”

Thom Loverro at the Times was even less convinced, calling Ted supposedly transparent new plan really more likely “Plan C, or maybe Plan D or some other plan even further down the alphabet.”

Everyone’s always looking for the new hot thing in sports so they can try to recreate it. Usually it fails. In the NFL, everyone wants a new young genius coach, like Sean McVay in LA. With the NBA, everyone looks to the startling turnaround of the LA Clippers (which begs the question of whether these fantasies can only come true in Hollywood). Loverro wrote, “For years, the Wizards had something in common with the Los Angeles Clippers — failure. Now it turns out that the Clippers have become the model for success for the Wizards.”

Skepticism of a Wizards turnaround is well warranted. In only two days, Beal might reject a new contract (or not). And this season without Wall and with a collection of new faces, it remains to be seen if they’ll actually get the ball through the hoop.

Until it’s proven on the court, it’s all just Ted Talk.