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I coulda been a contender

August 3, 2019

It’s probably way too early to jump on the bandwagon and say the Nats didn’t do enough by the trade deadline, but that doesn’t stop anyone from doing exactly that.

Noah Frank at WTOP posted a lengthy article where he dissects the Nationals addition of three relievers, and ns he isn’t thrilled. Frank gets into detail about the Nationals past and present, as well as specs on the three new guys compared to other options. Most troublesome is this:

The Nats watched the team they were playing — the team they are chasing — which already had a better bullpen (ninth in MLB in ERA), improve its relief corps more impressively and still at a fairly low cost. Then they lost to them.

Yep, he’s talking about the NL East-leading Braves. Who did they acquire? Also three relievers: Chris Martin, Shane Green, and Mark Melancon. All three were added near the deadline and none cost too much.

But if you’d like to see a really handy ranking on how the first place Braves’ new additions compare to the second place Nationals, here you go. ESPN listed how these guys rank in Win Probability Added out of 697 MLB pitchers this season:

Chris Martin: +1.26 (33rd) – Braves

Shane Greene: +1.14 (41st) – Braves

Daniel Hudson: +1.08 (46th) – Nationals

Mark Melancon: +0.52 (106th) – Braves

Hunter Strickland: -0.40 (442nd) – Nationals

Roenis Elias: -0.79 (559th) – Nationals

I guess all this means is that we’re happy coming up short in lists that feature the Braves.