NBA 2K20

Rated R for Ridiculous

August 7, 2019

There’s been something of a recent phenomenon related to how athletes are rated in their respective video games. A few weeks back, it was EA Sports’ Madden NFL 20 releasing the individual player ratings for all NFL players, and whoa boy did that start some angst. I mean, I understand when a major product cements their opinion of you in a very public way, and how that can upset folks, but watching multi-millionaires get on Twitter to complain about it seems rather silly. LA Chargers WR Keenan Allen even said he would boycott the game based on his rating. Yeah, okay, you do that.

Ns, the Redskins didn’t fare too well in that list of Madden ratings. Only one player rated 90 or higher – and you guessed it, that one guy is our old friend Trent Williams, who is currently backpacking in Europe or on a slow steamboat winding through the South Pacific, or something like that. He’s definitely not at training camp.

[Side note: I do not relish the job of any writer for It cannot have been easy to craft a way to word this that didn’t make the team sound pretty bad. But I applaud you for trying. Having Ryan Kerrigan mock the ratings was a nice touch.]

But today…

Well, today, the folks at 2K Sports are the one riling everyone up. And by everyone, I mean just a few Wizards fans. Over on Wiz of Awes, there’s a little bit of miff that our single upright star, Bradley Beal, got … an 87 overall rating. I can’t even do justice to the counterargument, so just go take a look.