Steve Helber/Washington Post

A New Hope

August 8, 2019

This is the day, Redskins fans.

The day of a new hope. When you have read all the off season stories, heard the hype about all the new players, listened to whispers about a standout unit or player, and you allow yourself to think… maybe…

Tonight, although the game itself is meaningless and will no doubt feature 8 total scripted offensive plays and a wealth of players who will be on practice squads or XFL teams in a few weeks, the Skins begin their year against the Browns.

Normally, a game against the Browns would be a pre-penciled W, but this year the Browns are getting some of the hype machine love nationwide. Who knows? Perhaps some Cleveland blogger is typing virtually the same words I am now, but about his team, thinking this is the last day before the walls cave in.

Because for us, typically this has been. I mean, sure, we get to toy with possibilities, like when the Ol’ Ball Coach Steve Spurrier opened with a pointless 38-7 victory over the 49ers. Or when Hip Hip Hooray Jim Zorn took us to a 6-2 record to start the season in 2008. But the magic rarely lasts.

But hey. Even on a blog full of DEADs that are apprehensive from previous years of being burned, today’s still the day.

A day of hope.*

  • *Man, I hope this works.