The Empire Strikes Back

August 9, 2019

I had to go and say something yesterday, didn’t I?

The was a glimmer of hope, when Dwayne Haskins entered the game and threw two long completions – 27 and 32 yards. But that second long one was popped out of the WR’s hands for a turnover fumble. Sigh. That looked familiar.

And afterward, hope disappeared, and the Empire of Redskins Futility seemed to truly Strike Back. Haskins was sacked twice – one of which left him wincing with his bell rung – and threw two really ugly INTs. Really ugly INTs.


That was unpleasant.

And to make matters much, much worse, this happened: Sonny Jurgensen retired from the radio booth. Farewell, #9. The jersey in the image above is my own. I used to love listening to Sonny, Sam, and Frank on game day, from the glorious days in the first Gibbs era. Touchdown, Washington Redskins.

Now, we’re left with Larry Michael, and frankly, he and Dan Snyder seem made for each other. And I don’t mean that in a good way.