Piling On

August 13, 2019

The Trent Williams debacle continues. And it looks like everything is going great to find a resolution sometime in, let’s say, the 2024 season.

Trent Williams’s side is saying he won’t play for the Redskins. Period.

Meanwhile, Redskins coach Jay “I’m not Jon” Gruden says he “would seriously doubt” that the team will trade Williams.

So where does that leave us? Oh, I know. Let’s have a former Skins player who had his own boatload of drama chime in. You remember Su’a Cravens, right? The guy who informed the team a week before the first game of his second year in the league that he was retiring. Who then went off on some vision quest or hiked the Appalachian trail or something, then finally was traded to Denver. Well, he’s none too happy about the Redskins and their handling of his health and money.

Reminder: This Redskins training staff is your 2018 Ed Block Courage Award NFL Athletic Training Staff of the Year. Which either means that people like Williams and Cravens are full of crap, or woe unto the other 31 training staffs if they are actually worse.

Meanwhile, a Vice President for the Capitals won a million bucks in Powerball. When it rains, it pours, both good and bad.