Matt Rourke (AP)

Bones McCoy

August 15, 2019

It seems like a day can’t pass without another scathing report indicting the Redskins training staff, and today being a day, it’s happened again.

Deadspin has a quick look at the situation with supposed Redskins starting QB, Colt McCoy, who is being held out of tonight’s preseason game due to lingering issues with his broken leg from last year. Probably because, as coach Jay Gruden admits, the Redskins “were aggressive trying to get him back on the field so fast we didn’t give it time enough to heal the right way.” Colt has now had THREE procedures to fix the issue, and while they once thought he would be ready to go for the preseason, he’s now guaranteed to miss half of it.

Oh, and if you aren’t up to speed with the bad news about the team, the Deadspin article has a nice summary of current complaints at the end.

And if that wasn’t the height of bad news for Colt McCoy, Hogs Haven on SBNation has him atop the list of potential big-name cuts for the team. (Another name on the list, which I can’t say I disagree with, is Josh Doctson.) Cutting Colt if he can’t play seems like it’s pretty much in keeping with the Skins’ MO.

Now folks are wondering if the league needs to step in. Step in and do what, exactly? Last time the league piped up about the Skins trainers, they were named 2018 NFL Training Staff of the Year. I don’t think that’s showing the kind of judgment we need to resolve these issues.