Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post


August 19, 2019

Welp, Nats closer Sean Doolittle got put on the injured list, and that is a potentially terrible thing, especially given the tight wildcard race and how long it has taken another Nats pitcher, Mad Max Scherzer, to get healthy.

But was it random chance? A stroke of fate to interrupt the Nats’ late-season push? Nah, it was just Dave Martinez asking Doolittle to do a lot.

Listen, I know about as much on managing an MLB team as the chair I’m sitting in, so if *I* have heard the talk that Doolittle needs rest, then Doolittle needs rest. Why do our DC coaches/managers keep doing this? (Reference: Colt McCoy, our non-starter.)

In fact, it was sort of a toss-up today whether to lead with the Nats story about a player pushed too far or the Redskins one. I opted for the Nats since they are truly pushing for a postseason birth, while the Redskins have a lot more time to get things into full screw-up mode.

Still, it feels like both of these will work out the same way.

That’s it, you can have my popcorn. I’ve seen this movie before.