Bird is the word

August 25, 2019

Oh my. Oh Kuzy, why?

We all know that the season previews are saying Capitals’ forward Evgeny Kuznetsov needs to return to the form he displayed in the Caps’ Stanley Cup winning season rather than what we saw last season. But the question now is this:

Was he high when he played better or played worse?

Kuzy has been suspended for four years from international play after testing positive for cocaine, and even though he is not currently in jeopardy of missing any time with the Caps, it still stings. Because of the question I just posed. Do his teammates want him coke-free to get back to form, or was the coke what got him going in the first place?

Don’t think my question makes any sense?

Okay, then you explain this dance:

That guy looks like he might be high.