Don’t know what you got till it’s gone

August 28, 2019

Once upon a time, a king wished to build a mighty castle, so he hired the most famous builder in the land and set him to work. But the king was not happy to let the builder simply do his work, and constantly checked on progress. The king offered advice when he was no expert, forcing the builder to work with materials he did not prefer, pushing him to hire carpenters and masons though the builder knew others would be better.

Finally, unhappy with the castle being built, the king fired the builder and then found another. Once more, he forced the new builder to work with strange materials and stranger laborers, and in places, rather than growing large, the castle crumbled to the earth.

Furious, the king fired the second builder, and the third and fourth. Because he had so much gold, the king even lured an ancient builder out of retirement, a man wildly famous for his past castles, but nothing would please the king. The castle remained half built, with no plan in place to make it better.

Almost by accident, the king hired another builder, and this builder brought in many young faces – apprentices with little experience. The king was wary, always watching, always meddling. When the castle was not quickly completed, once more the king grew frustrated, and the latest builder and his young apprentices were also fired.

Then, while traveling, the king saw many other great and wonderful castles being built, where before there was nothing. Castles much nicer than the half-built and disorganized pile of stone he had back home. He was jealous, and inquired as to who had built these many amazing new castles so quickly, and lo, it was those same apprentices he had fired. Not only had they built such fine castles, they employed new and clever methods to make the building process better and faster. Every builder in the land took note of their new ideas. The king realized, finally, that he had made a terrible mistake.

The king wept.

The king’s people wept.

The apprentices smiled.

~ fin ~

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