John McDonnell/The Washington Post

General Mismanager

September 3, 2019

On Saturday, the Redskins cut WR Josh Doctson, and while some outlets like NBC Sports Washington are saying the team deserves credit for that move, I’m not on board with that. Why? Because the team tried unsuccessfully to trade Doctson for 2 years, and now finally just let him go with no compensation. Couple that with the fact that a team (the Vikings) immediately picked Doctson up, and it just shows how seriously mismanaged the Redskins are. Bruce Allen is such an ineffective GM that all the other GMs knew that they could just wait him out. And they did. And it worked.

Of course, you could say Doctson just never lived up to expectations, and how maybe that’s not Bruce Allen’s fault, but that would be ignoring how Allen has also bungled things with Trent Williams this offseason, and has a track record of mistakes handling players like Kirk Cousins. (Remember the franchise tag for two years running because no one in the head office knows how to negotiate a contract? Or the fact that they almost did it for three years in a row?)

In case you think I’m being overly hard on Bruce Allen, which I suspect you would only think if your name was Bruce Allen or Dan Snyder, take a look at the 2019 Power Ranking of GMs over on You guessed it. Of the 25 tenured GMs in the league, Bruce Allen comes in dead last. Plus, he’s consistently that bad. In the 2018 ranking, he also came in 25th.

Allen’s awfulness is so bad that it’s rubbing off on Super Bowl winning ex QB Doug Williams in the front office and making me not like him, and that sucks because I really like Williams.

It can’t be helped I suppose. When your terrible GM has the support of your equally terrible owner, nothing’s gonna change. (For the record, Dan Snyder is ranked second worst in the league by Sportsnaut and second worst by The Big Lead, though he somehow manages to only be the 5th worst NFL owner in Bleacher Report rankings. Thankfully, Ranker has him voted as the worst in the league and The Comeback puts Dan Snyder as the least likable owner in the NFL. So Dan and Bruce are a match made in heaven. “Incompetence at the highest level.“)