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That’s what I’m talking about when I say “Probably Lost Yesterday”

September 9, 2019

So the first NFL Sunday came and went, and here we are, looking at an 0-1 Redskins team that perfectly displayed what I mean by having this blog. They should’ve. They could’ve. They started to. And then they failed, miserably.

There are countless articles talking about the Redskins’ implosion against the Eagles (or Eagles incredible adjustment and domination in the second half, depending on how close you live to the Liberty Bell). I will link to none of them.

We failed. Again.

How bad is it? At half time, I texted an Eagles-fan friend of mine (yes, that is possible), and asked if we could just end the game then. I had no idea how prescient I was at the time.

So, why?

After a loss, there is always a lot of finger pointing. But the glaring deficiencies with the Redskins were their defensive secondary and running game.

In the defensive secondary, I will note that we knew this was a questionable group. Josh Norman, the supposed rock of the group, is more celebrity these days. But I commend the Eagles here. I actually believe that DeSean Jackson was either directed to egg on our secondary, or did so out of some brilliant epiphany he had. He got into it early and often, especially with Montae Nicholson. The result: two bomb touchdowns where the Skins were woefully beaten.

But the running game? That is OUR FAULT COMPLETELY. We scratched a healthy 1,000 yard rusher, and a lock to be in the Hall of Fame. Don’t get me wrong – at some point, all the old stars have to make way for the new kids, but to scratch Adrian Peterson so that you could showcase Derrius Guice to make… wow. I had to look that up twice. EIGHTEEN yards. That’s nuts. What a terrible decision – take the guy who was hurt all year and give him no solid backup, with a seriously questionable O line, and throw him to the wolves. #EPICFAIL

If AP is scratched next week, expect him to cause a Tweet storm a la Antonio Brown to get released, then look for him playing the next week for the Patriots.

Finally, the coaching. Where do I start? I think the most appropriate assessment I’ve heard of Redskins coach Jay Gruden is that he plans well but can’t adjust. We saw that yesterday – a plan that put the Eagles on their heels, only to find the Eagles adjust and overcome. Jay had nothing after that.

And so we are who we thought we were. A team that will be lucky to hit 500 this year. I can’t even give Case Keenum crap and call for Haskins, because why bother? If the defense – which is supposed to be good – gives up the game in the second half, we could have Tom Brady under center and still lose.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.