Baseball got me feeling all stabby

September 10, 2019

We needed something in this dark hour, in the days after the first Redskins meltdown (expect more), the time when Guice might not be on the loose (or, to properly rhyme, lice), when AP and Trent might come back and just throw a game or two or seven simply because they’re pissed.

So, in this trying time, I give you: Bobby from Fairfax.

You see, our hero Bobby simply wanted to watch the Nats. Apparently, all our hero Bobby likes to do is watch the Nats. So his wife left him there on the couch and proceeded to get ripped at… Applebee’s. And then she came home, and he was still on the couch watching the Nats.

So she stabbed him.

I am forever in Bobby from Fairfax’s debt that he decided the best thing to do after this harrowing event was to call in to 106.7 the Fan and tell them all about it.

Sadly, this may be the last tale we hear from Bobby in Fairfax regarding his apparently delightful wife, as the couple is “already engaged in divorce proceedings.” Color me shocked.