Is the May-September romance over?

September 17, 2019

Remember when the Nats were terrible? Me, too: It’s been happening for the past two weeks.

Back on May 24th, the once-dreadful Nationals magically got hot, and they rode that streak through most of the summer. Problem is, now it’s September, and that May-September (b)romance may be about done.

And it’s the worst possible time for that to happen, because the Nats are now fighting for a wild card spot rather than having a solid grip on one.

Since September 1, the Nats have played 15 games. They’ve lost 9 of those. That’s a pretty awful 40% win rate. They only have 13 games remaining in their season, and I’ve said it before – historically, they must win at least 87 games to make the playoffs. More would, of course, be better. Right now, they have 82 wins. Forty percent of their remaining 13 games means 5.2 wins. Since it’s hard to win and get credit for 0.2 games, that gives them exactly 87 wins on the year.

GUYS! When I said you had to win at least 87 games, THAT WAS THE BARE MINIMUM. I didn’t know you’d take my words so seriously. 

Washington is only leading in the wild card race by 0.5 games, and being chased by a Cubs team on a 5 game winning streak and a Brewers team on a 3 game streak. Both teams play opponents with losing records today. Both teams (82 wins and 81 wins respectively) are chasing the NL Central leading Cardinals (84 wins). It’s the hottest contest in baseball. Meanwhile, the Nats blew up in St Louis last night, to those very same Cardinals. Who knew all the NL Central drama would have such a huge impact on the Nationals season.

By tomorrow at this time, the wild card race might look a whole lot different if the Washington Nationals don’t wake up.

This is definitely one of those times I hope that the “PLY” in “SOUPLY” won’t be correct.