It’s time for Plan A

September 19, 2019

Long time NFL exec Michael Lombardi (no relation) has it in for the Redskins leadership. Back in April, he was pretty brutal talking about GM Bruce Allen. Now, he’s saying Dan Snyder has no plan and no idea where to go to make the Redskins improve.

Some of his thoughts on the Dan/Bruce combo we love so much:

“As long as Bruce runs the team, Dan has somebody to take the heat and he can still run it. So when I tweeted out yesterday that Dan’s always been running it, it’s really a reflection of: because he can control Bruce.”

“Well, he (Bruce Allen) never picked players,” Lombardi recalled. “I mean he wouldn’t even know how to scout. I mean, I’m not the only guy. Scot McCloughan says the same thing, too. I mean anybody who’s been interactive with Bruce knows he’s not a football guy.”

“(Snyder) doesn’t understand that culture and player development win. I mean he just has no idea that culture matters.”

“Snyder is never gonna grasp it. He thinks ‘If I hire Steve Spurrier,’ ‘If I bring Joe Gibbs back’ or ‘If I do this or do that,'” Lombardi added. “But what he needs to do is stop having the front office control everything.”

And as we know, Lombardi is far from the only person saying we have such a wonderful management team in DC.

Still, those guys don’t play the game.

That job falls to such underrated talents as Josh Norman. Oh wait, what’s that smell coming from Ashburn? Smells like Roasted Josh Norman with a side of Dak Stiff Arm. Sorry, make that On Purpose Dak Stiff Arm. Still talking, Josh?