John McDonnell/The Washington Post

O Maryland…

September 28, 2019

I’m a Terp. I want all the Maryland teams to win all the time. I want the Maryland flag to get the recognition it deserves as the best flag in the entire country, and possibly the entire world. I’m that deep in the weeds.

And yet…

What the holy hell happened? Maryland was ranked #21 in the country in the AP’s Top 25 for Week 3. After losing that week, we received not a single vote for Week 4. Ugh. But, apparently deserved, since we then proceeded to lose 59-0 to #11 Penn State.

But that’s not even the bad part. The bad part has two features:

1. In their past three meetings – only THREE meetings – Maryland has been outscored by Penn State 163-6. To put that in perspective, I didn’t play in any of those games and Maryland only outscored me by 2 field goals.

2. What’s worse is the WHY of it all. Why does Penn State routinely kick the sh*t out of Maryland? Easy. A little thing called REVENGE.

Penn State coach James Franklin was Maryland’s “head coach in waiting” back in 2010. It was so formalized that he was promised $1 million by the school if they DIDN’T name him head coach after then-coach Ralph Friedgen was done. Maryland’s then-AD Debbie Yow made that offer to stop Franklin from going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But then some weird things happened: Yow departed. Friedgen didn’t want to depart, and had in fact massively turned the team around from a dismal prior season. A new AD, Kevin Anderson, came in. Anderson had his mind set on replacing Friedgen with his own pick, Mike Leach. (Mike Leach, for the record, blew up as a choice when he couldn’t stop giving bonkers answers to any random question.) Anderson eventually did fire Friedgen – the same year that Friedgen won ACC Coach of the Year.

And the once head-coach-in-waiting became second fiddle and James Franklin thought all of that sucked.

So, what did he do? James Franklin left. First for Vanderbilt, and then for Penn State.

And now he just kicks our a** every year for payback.