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Hello darkness, my old friend

October 4, 2019

As a DC sports fan, you knew, even if you didn’t want to tell yourself, that the Nats’ glow from Tuesday night couldn’t last forever. Sure, they threw up a hairball of an offensive performance last night in LA, losing 6-0 in game 1 of their NLDS, but that’s not even what I’m here to talk about today.

No, it’s that other team. The Redskins.

I don’t even feel I can do justice to the story on Hogs Haven of the horrors of Dan Snyder’s 20 years of awfulness. Just go ahead and read it for yourself. Bring tissues. Too many bad memories. I will give you a quote, though:

It has become horribly and depressingly clear over the past two decades that there is no silver lining, and no dawn that will follow the darkness. Dan is with us. He has been with us for 20 years. He is 54 years old and appears healthy and content to continue into the future in exactly the same manner as he has stumbled through the past, lurching from crisis to crisis.

As of the week 4 loss to the Giants, only 8% of Redskins fans have confidence in the team – that’s the lowest mark in the NFL. Add to that the fact that just after the draft, 61% of Redskins fans had confidence and you begin to see the rollercoaster pattern of which we’re so familiar.

But to me, the bigger issue is that there simply is no plan. No idea how to make things better. It doesn’t even matter if everyone is fired (Gruden) or everyone holds out (Williams) or everyone is hurt (Guice).

I haven’t been on the “Fire Gruden” bandwagon before, simply because who’s going to do better? What coach of any caliber is going to want to come here, knowing that Snyder will meddle and Allen will screw up talks with players and the “training staff” will win awards (Training Staff of the Year!) and then have multiple QBs needing second surgeries to fix issues and cause the best player on the team to be willing to lose millions NOT to play for us?

Still, Gruden said this this week (as seen on Riggo’s Rag), and I think it marks the end. If this is all he has to offer, I think he himself is admitting it’s the end. He was asked what the team’s plan at QB was. He said:

We don’t have one right now.

Are we looking at 0-16? That seems like the only plan anyone has at Redskins Park.