Sad Trombone (ESPN)

Oh what a SOUPLY night.

October 7, 2019

What a Sunday.

First the Nats lead 2-0, then lose 10-4 in a much-needed NLDS game v. Dodgers. Patrick Corbin gave up 6 earned runs in the 6th inning, after relieving a very effective Anibal Sanchez. It was, as ESPN called it, a Nationals disaster.

And the Redskins. I mean, we knew this. The Patriots were not going to lose to the 0-4 Redskins. It was really a matter of fight. Had the Skins put up a fight, it might have turned out different this morning, but it didn’t.

Jay Gruden is outta here. Thanks for, um, I guess, well… Thanks? Bye.

Now, the Nats are in a must-win game tonight with Scherzer on the mound, and the Skins are in a death spiral that is more than just the rest of the season. We now must, once again, await the brilliant decision of Messers Snyder and Allen on who the next DC coach will be.

Who do you think the Redskins will hire? (Because, really, you’re as qualified as those making the actual decision.)

A) Will it be the former NFL great, bound for Canton, who’s willing to risk a rather large blemish on his resume? [ex. Bill Cowher]

B) Or will it be the exceptional college coach, willing to make the leap to the big leagues even if it comes with Snyder/Allen baggage (o ye collegiate fool)? [ex. Ohio State’s Ryan Day]

C) Or will it be the hot prospect, the young gun who’s emblematic of the NFL head coaching youth movement? [ex. Dallas OC Kellen Moore]

D) Or, since this is Snyder/Allen we’re talking about, will it be the WILDCARD – aka someone no one in their right mind expected or would have chosen? [ex. uh… I don’t know, maybe Joe Gibbs round 3? Mike Shanahan / Dan Snyder kiss-and-make-up edition?]

E) Or, best-known outta work coach available? [ex. Mike McCarthy]

Place your wagers, folks. Winning this bet is the only thing to look forward to in Redskins news right now.

PS GO MYSTICS! Thank God someone is doing well.

PPS Scherzer. This is me looking at you. And now you’re looking at me. With those eyes. I blink. Okay, you win. Now, go win tonight.