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Title Town!

October 31, 2019

I started this blog because of all the things that go wrong in DC sports.


Today, the Nationals are out there celebrating their first World Series championship after being the underdog all season long. In May, they were 19-31 with a 1.5% chance to make the playoffs. They could never seem to put any sort of dent into the Braves run to becoming NL East champs. Even when they were in the lead for the NL wildcard, they were being feverishly chased by a handful of teams, including, at least for a while, Bryce Harper and the Phillies (thanks for bringing a title back to DC, Bryce!). In the playoffs, they got behind in the one-game wildcard. They got behind in the NLDS with the Dodgers. There were six amazing games where they swept the Cardinals for the NLCS and then took a two game lead on the Astros in the World Series.

And then I bought tickets to see my team play its first home World Series game. While the game and the experience were exciting, the end product was a loss, and then the team piled up two more of those at home.

Once again, the Nats became the underdog. Even in the last innings of the last game, they were behind. But they won and here we are: champs! The fight is, unbelievably, finished. And we came out on top.

So maybe I need to hang up the blog hat, since today, DC sports are not Sad, Overpaid, or Underperforming, nor did they Probably Lose Yesterday. It’s gotten so crazy that the folks over at NBC Sports Washington are calling DC Title Town. That may be a little crazy, but for now, it sure seems right. 18 months ago, the Caps won the Stanley Cup. 3 weeks ago, the Mystics won the WNBA title. And now, this.

Hey, maybe a few snarky blog posts are what this town needed to get its act together. A boy can dream, right?

Now, if I just focus all my snark on the Redskins, let’s see what happens…