What’s the worst thing that could happen?

November 13, 2019

Anyone with any sense at all knows that the Redskins’ 1-8 season is a wash. Sure, okay, they could win out and go 8-8 and… what? End up third in the NFC East? Slow. Clap. Why? All that does is screw up the one thing this season could mean to the team, which is of course a high draft pick.

ESPN’s Power Rankings have the Redskins at 31st out of 32 teams, which is completely accurate since even the one team we beat – Miami – has managed to eke out two wins and leapfrog us on the list. ESPN’s review of the team-to-date is “If you can’t beat poor teams, then it’s difficult to sell belief that you’re close to anything besides a massive rebuild.” Well, to quote Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, “You’re joking!” No one in DC – or anywhere else for that matter – thinks the Redskins are not in need of a massive rebuild.

So, do me a favor, Redskins. Lose every remaining game. Get a lock on that draft pick, and get an OL. (You know, since your best OL, Trent Williams, is about to leave town so quickly that he’ll leave that puff of smoke behind him like Road Runner in the old cartoons?)

Pretty much everyone says Georgia OL Andrew Thomas is the top OL expected to be available for the 2020 draft. Right now, the Skins are a lock to get him. Don’t screw that up with meaningless wins.

Now sure, this is the Redskins we’re talking about. I have no doubt that they will instead draft a flash player, like a shiny WR. We’ve had a lot of luck with that in recent years, eh? (Looking at you, Josh Doctson.) So, in that case, we end up with Jerry Jeudy from Alabama, which is, you know, normally a good thing. Except if Dwayne Haskins is always running for his life, we could have Jerry Rice and it wouldn’t matter.

Speaking of Haskins, I get it. The rookie wants to win some games. Fine, go ahead. Win one or two, especially at the end of the season when we’ll have a better picture of draft position. End with a W to boost confidence. I’m all for that. But you’re gonna need big bodies around you if you don’t want to be the Redskins next RGIII (injuries: entire body)… or Alex Smith (leg)… or Colt McCoy (leg)… or Case Keenum (concussion)…

According to a slightly old (2015/16) analysis by ProFootballLogic, NFL QBs have a 2.5% likelihood of being injured in any given game. Based on that, being a Redskins QB is the equivalent of being struck by lightning ten times, and each time you are struck you are holding the current winning Power Ball ticket. Which is another reason to surround our new QB with big men – lightning always strikes the highest point.