One year later

November 15, 2019

Remember a year ago, when the Redskins were 6-3 and, despite the team being far from perfect, there were dreams of playoffs in our future? And remember that horrible moment when Alex Smith was crushed by two Texans? Yeah.

Well, I don’t think anyone believes Smith was the only thing keeping the wheels on the bus for the Skins, or at least I didn’t think that until I read this Washington Post article.

The Redskins have played the equivalent of a full, disastrous season since Smith went down, going 2-14, with the only two victories coming against two of the NFL’s worst teams. In that time, they have gone through five starting quarterbacks, fired Coach Jay Gruden and watched their fan base’s frustration grow.

I even miss the poor guy on those gas fireplace commercials. He truly gave a commanding performance in those. Ah, memories…