Say It Ain’t So, C-Po

December 13, 2019

As if the Redskins weren’t dicey enough ON the field, today we get word that 10 former NFL players, including Redskins Clinton Portis and Carlos Rogers, have been charged with defrauding the league’s healthcare program.

Since I know virtually nothing about the program or details of this case, I will simply say…

Listen, Choo Choo. If Dolemite Jenkins comes up to you and offers you a lot of money if you’ll just go in on a healthcare scam, be like Southeast Jerome and go talk to Coach Janky Spanky. You don’t want your name on any prescription from Dr. Do Itch Big, even if it involves Dolla Bill. Otherwise, expect a call from Sheriff Gonna Getcha.

And, scene… *




* Yes, all of the above are Clinton Portis post-game characters.