In With The New

January 10, 2020

Well, it’s a new year, and the Redskins have made the super-wonderful-incredible-blessing-to-all-of-humanity move of firing Bruce Allen.

Let’s just take a moment. Breathe.

You smell that?

Yeah, that’s maybe not the smell of victory, but it is the smell of Allen burning rubber out of the parking lot. Good riddance.

So, now with Allen moving back to Allentown or wherever he’s from, we have new Redskins coach Ron Rivera. I was never really for or against Rivera as a coach, so it’s hard to be excited or mad. I’ll just wait and see. But Rivera’s here and now he is filling all the other coaching positions in DC, mostly with ex-Panthers coaches. Like new Redskins offensive coordinator, Scott Turner. And some people are happy about that.

If you, like me, try to erase much of the last 20+ years of Redskins history from your mind, you may not know that Scott Turner has been here before. Granted, he was 11 years old when his daddy, Norv Turner, took over the role of Redskins head coach in 1994. But still… he’s a Turner.

And that brings up… memories.

I have to say it. My primary memory from the Norv Turner era isĀ that face. That oh-so-often-seen, sad sack, oops I did it again (and not in the saucy Britney way), chalk up another L, Norv Turner face.

You must remember it.

No? Not ringing any bells? You sure?

I mean, he did it everywhere. Not just with the Skins.

Still don’t recall?

Come on. This has to look familiar to you… right?

Hold on. I know what will jog your memory. Here you go.

So, basically, THAT is what I really really really really don’t want to see passed down to the next generation of Turner, especially now that he’s in a prominent role in DC.

I’ve been there, done that.

The Redskins are supposedly all about change right now, but getting Turner 2.0 seems like a retread.

I hope I’m proven wrong.

I hope he doesn’t make that face.

Not even anything remotely a little tiny bit like it.


Hey! Stop that! I mean it.