Send in the Scabs

January 29, 2020

You may think that the biggest changes to the Redskins organization come from two people – Bruce Allen going out and Ron Rivera coming in –  but hear me out.

I’m going on record to say that another person, NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, may do more for returning the Washington football club to winning ways than any other human alive. In fact, I say he is pivotal to any chance the Redskins have of winning it all.


Because Smith is publicly stating that the players may need to strike for a solid two years to get what they want in their negotiations with the NFL.

Okay, so why does that matter to the Redskins? Sure, players may end up with more money and benefits, but that doesn’t equate to winning, does it? All players on all teams will get those perks, so it can’t just make the Redskins better, right?

Yes, but…

The last two times NFL players went on strike and it altered the regular season of games, the Redskins won the Super Bowl.

In 1982, a 57-day-long strike reduced the regular season to just 9 games. The Redskins took home their first Lombardi Trophy that year, beating the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII.

In 1987, the NFLPA went on strike from weeks four through six, but the league continued to play games with replacement players, people not-so-nicely referred to as “scabs.” In fact, the entire season is infamously known as “The Year of the Scab.” The Redskins beat the Broncos that year in Super Bowl XXII.

So, yeah, DeMaurice, if you wanna strike for two years running, you just know our guy Dan Snyder will be ready with a host of CFL and XFL hopefuls, so let’s fire up the Year of the Scab 2.0 and 3.0.

And just as you never hear Redskins fans these days talking about multi-game-winning replacement QB Ed Ruppert, or replacement WR Anthony Allen, who still holds the Redskins record for most receiving yards in a single game (255), the people of DC will gladly accept the next two Super Bowl trophies no matter who plays.


Hail To The (replacement) Redskins!

(And don’t worry, new scabs! You’ll receive your Super Bowl rings approximately 31 years later.)