We’re………. back?

July 6, 2020

OMG I know, the SOUP has been AWOL for months. Sorry. But, in case you forgot, so have sports.

But now, we have such a moment happening in DC sports, I had to chime in.

BASEBALL’S BACK! Oh, wait, 2 Nats tested positive for COVID-19.

As for other sports in DC? Pretty much nonexistent. We’re excited for news that DC is trying to be a host city for the 2026 World Cup. THIS IS WHERE WE ARE TODAY. Sitting back like whelp, see you in 6 years (and we’re not even a frontrunner to get some of those games).

And now, of course, you know the real reason the SOUP is back is the Washington football team… Or Washington Team Football, if you prefer that acronym.

It’s renaming time, people!

Yes, I get it. To be clear, the DC football team is my favorite sports team of all, despite the fact that they have generally sucked for 20 years (checks calendar… maybe 30 years? ugh) and have a disparaging team name. And there are a lot of decades of history there. But renaming a team does not erase its history. Case in point: THE REDSKINS! They were originally called the Braves when they were in Boston. Guess how many milliseconds that took me to look up because no one is erasing history? Things just change.

Okay, so now Danny is finally looking like he’s on board with the name change. I’ve said this before, but I prefer the Federals, since then we’d have the Nats, Caps, and Feds (sorry Wiz, I’m not sure how you fit into all that, but if you’re up for a name change, let’s discuss). Plus, Danny, you can sell a whole new assortment of team gear! I would think that alone would be an immediate HECK YEAH!

Just please tell me there will be more sane management going on picking a new name and logo* than when we last left the Redskins in the 2019 season and they couldn’t even figure out spoons…

Watch: Redskins worker stirs Gatorade cooler with sleeve of cups on sideline

* Hi. Here we are in the afterword or footnotes or whatever you want to call it. Let’s chat about new names and logos. Please do not slightly alter the current name and logo. That’s not sufficient. The logo in particular needs to go. Plenty of humans do not want to be tokenized as mascots. Also, please do not choose something so out there that it makes no sense (sorry, Wizards). Washington Federals works. Washington Monuments could work. Washington Memorials? Meh. Washington Generals would be too appropriate, given that a basketball team by the same name has been losing to the Harlem Globetrotters for decades. Washington Sentinels would work if you’re a fan of this movie, plus haha life is ridiculous and that movie is based off the real Washington Redskins anyway. Washington Presidents is pretty dumb, but even it is way better than a sideways change that keeps elements of the current problem. Also, hello Vegas oddsmakers! I’m just going to assume that you know so little about the DC area that you thought Lincolns, Jeffersons, Roosevelts, and Arlingtons made any kind of sense. Please stop. Even the name “Capitols” is on your list. Are you awake? We already have the Washington Capitals. We cannot rely on people’s ability to spell enough to allow there to be a Washington Capitols, too.