Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports

Seize the Day, Dan Snyder

July 9, 2020

It’s time. Everything is intertwined and the moment is ready. Let’s do this.

The Washington Redskins are finally in the process of changing their name to something that isn’t a racial slur.

They’re also reportedly doing away with using any Native American imagery in their brand, finally leaving behind the idea of a group of people as their mascot.

They cut ties with long-term president and worst GM in the league, Bruce Allen, plus others that had been around for far too long: SVP Eric Schaffer, SVP Tony Wylie, and, importantly, 18-year-tenured athletic trainer, Larry Hess.

We have an all-new coaching staff, ready to try their hardest to change the culture of losing in DC.

And now three minority shareholders – Dwight Schar, Bob Rothman, and FedEx CEO Fred Smith – are looking to sell their stake in the team.

All your buddies are leaving town.

So it’s time.

Sell the team, Dan Snyder. Now. Seize the day, seize the moment. Embrace the fact that everything is changing now. Let’s make it a change for the better.

Think about it this way: if you sell everything, you’ll make a LOT of money. You paid $800M for the team, and now they’re worth $3.4B. Even though you only own about 65% right now, you’d still get $2.21B, which is a 276% return on investment. I bet your 401(k) isn’t doing that well.

AND you won’t have to be the guy to change the name. Remember when you said you’d NEVER (all caps, your words) change the name? If you sell, you’ll be right! How wonderful! YOU would never change the name, but the next owner can do as they please. Perfect.

Plus, if it wasn’t already plain enough to see, there’s one major thing that hasn’t changed since 1999 when you bought the team to lead them to a 142–193–1 record over the next 20 years, all while alienating fans, doubling-down on a racist name, and covering stadium seats instead of filling them: you.

If you sell the team, you can go back to doing the one thing you were really, really good at regarding the Washington football team: root for them. You can just be a fan and hope they succeed. And maybe, like when you were a kid, you can watch them win a Super Bowl again. You’ll have plenty of money to buy tickets to go see it.

Just not in the owner’s box.