You think that’s bad? Well, let me tell you…

July 17, 2020

Yesterday, the Washington Post published a scathing report on the culture of working for the Washington football team. Oddly, from a sports point of view, it makes the moves this summer actually make sense.

Ignoring the whole team name change for a moment, think about the news that has come out recently from the team:

Larry Michael, the longtime “Voice of the Redskins,” retired suddenly.

Alex Santos, the director of pro personnel, and Richard Mann, the assistant director, were both fired suddenly.

Well, shocker! Those people were specifically called out the Washington Post’s exposé about sexual and verbal harassment at the team’s HQ.

I wouldn’t be surprised if new coach Ron Rivera quit before he ever even coached a practice.

I met Larry Michael once, years ago. He was a pompous jerk. I figured hey anyone, myself included, can be a jerk once in a while. But it was odd that he was being a jerk at a public appearance (I didn’t just walk up to him on the street). Now I guess we know. He is a supreme jerk.

Whelp, there’s really nothing else I can say except DAN SNYDER SURRENDER AND SELL THE TEAM YOU ARE A DISGRACE.

PS Actually one more thing: this reaffirms that Bruce Allen is a total jerk, too. Remember when he said, just a year ago, that the culture of the Redskins was “damn good“? Note that, while he was not named as one of the people doing the harassment at the Redskins, he was specifically called out in the article for “sitting 30 feet away” while female staffers cried at their desks regularly due to their treatment.

PPS Even the WaPo agrees with me: Dan Snyder must go. This is the final straw.